IT Service Surveillance and Security System, Quezon City in Quezon City, National Capital Region

IT Service Surveillance and Security System, Quezon
IT Service Surveillance and Security System, Quezon

Surveillance, Security
Whether you’re looking for a small business solution or an enterprise-class system, Umbrella IT Service Provider offers the broadest array of network and
traditional analog solutions to protect the people, businesses and operations that depend on you, each and every day.
Welcome to our CCTV Solution
Upgrading or installing a CCTV system can be a complex process, but at Umbrella IT Service Provider we aim to simplify the process and keep the jargon to a
minimum. We supply, install, and maintain high quality CCTV solutions for home upto small and mid-size business. The type of solution required can vary considerably
depending on the application you have in mind. Some vendors push the same solution to all customers irrespective of the individual needs of each case. At Umbrella IT
Service Provider we not only consider the technical factors, but also the business requirements, budget constraints, and financing.
Intelligent Features
Face Identification
To resist intruders, you must be able to find them. Umbrella IT CCTV System integrated Facial Recognition module notifies operators when it spots a human face within
the video frame. Our facial module has 4 types of features that will help you indentify human face captured by your surveillance system.
Face Recognition -
It automatically detects and captures the image of that person and compares it to known photos of persons of interest.
Face Blacklist -
The system can blacklist a human face and add it to the database so the next time your surveillance captured that face it will trigger
an alarm.
Face Search -
Face searching function is to allow you to search faces from all recorded videos.
Face Events -
Human face can be used to trigger an event. for example if your face captured by your surveillance system you can unlock the door
Smart Recording
Your recordings are valuable assets to you, but only when you can use them effectively. Our CCTV System offers just the right tools for you. This means you can
find recordings a lot quicker and easier, search and analyze them, view them in different modes to cut down time, or export them to archive and check back later.
Continous Recording -
A traditional way to continues non-stop recording of videos 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Schedule Recording
- Our system allows you to create a 24/7 recording schedule.
Motion and/or Alarm -
It will start recording if there is a motion detected and/ or alarm triggered.
Missing/Foreign Object -
Any object that\\\'s removed or missing from a pre-defined area triggers the alarm. (vice versa)
On-The-Go Security System
A Full-fledged Surveillance System in your Pocket - Available on iOS and Android devices, Our mobile app allows you to watch simultaneously real-time feeds from
your cameras, take snapshots anytime, and adjust your cameras’ position and zoom with PTZ actions. So when you’re out, you can still monitor what’s going on in your
house or office, and respond immediately to any incident. You can also browse through recorded events and use a timeline bar to move backward or fast forward.
Flexible Integration
Our CCTV Sytems can work together with Access Control, Door Controllers, Card Readers, alarm systems, motion sensors and network IP Security Cameras the result
is a uniquely powerful Security Management System. Through careful design our system is extremely easy to learn and use, making it suitable for any installation.
Alarm System -
Our CCTV System can be integrated to a fire alarm system and it\\\'s accessories such as smoke, heat, moisture, water, gas leak detector and
siren. Automation - Automated locks, lights, electrical outlet and appliances can be activated via motion detection of our CCTV system. Access Control - Integrated
with access control. Our CCTV can authenticate and allow access to an individual by just having a face captured by your surveillance system.
Security, Surveillance and Automation is one of the services offered by Umbrella IT Contact Us today to know more about what we can offer.
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