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There are a lot of Wheat Grass and Barley Grass products to choose from available in the market. But let me help you to choose which brand is the best to buy at a cheapest cost possible.
One of the famous brand now in the market has only Barley Grass with 3 grams of it per sachet, has NO FLAVORING and it cost Php65 per sachet. People thought it's better because it's only pure barley grass but actually it doesn't work like that. A Barley Grass product is better if it has more grass content. Most specially when it comes to capsules. It has 500mg of grass and that's very little and expensive if you know how to compute. It cost Php15 per capsule. You need 2 capsules to make 1 gram and it already cost Php30. To make 4 grams you need 8 capsules so that would cost you Php120. Unlike with us, 4 grams is only Php39.
Another famous barley product is the one in a bottle. It has 22grams but ofcourse it's not pure barley grass because it has flavoring. It cost Php275 per bottle. With us, for 3 sachets multiply by 8 grams is 24 grams. Php39 multiply by 3 sachets is only Php117. In short our brand is only Php117 pesos for 24 grams unlike the bottled one has 22 grams for Php275. They tell you to drink it by small cups so that it will last longer. In short it may last for a week of consumption so that it will look cheap but if you know how to compute you will realize how expensive it is. And by drinking with small cups your body only absorbs very very small amount of Barley Grass. Aside from that you need to put it in a refrigerator or else it will perish (mapapanis). What if there is power interruption or brown out? What if you don't have refrigerator or you don't use it because you are trying to save electricity? You need to drink that bottle of juice or else you will just gonna waste your money because it will perish. The flavor of our juice taste a lot better compared to this brand.
Last, a famous brand that you could buy in malls and convenient stores is a pure Wheat Grass brand. Their plain Wheat grass juice cost Php39 per sachet, has NO FLAVORING and has 2grams of Wheat Grass only. They have flavored types but it's a lot more expensive. Aside from that you can't do this as a business because people can buy it from malls. Unlike with us, only dealers are allowed to sell it. We create business opportunity for everyone.
Our brand, Healthy Habits Wheat Grass and Barley Grass Juice in Dalandan Flavor is only 780 per box that has 20 sachets. Each sachet has 8 grams of powdered juice, 4 grams is grass. Our brand is a combination of Wheat Grass and Barley Grass. You don't need to buy two different products just to get these two types of grass. In short, it's just like buy 1 take 1 product. You get two types of grass with 4 grams of it for only Php39 pesos per sachet. It tastes so good because of the natural dalandan flavor mixed with it. It doesn't taste that sour and acidity is very very low which is safe for GERD or Acid Reflux. Healthy Habits uses Wheat Grass and Barley Grass that has the highest quality imported from New Zealand.
Bottomline, our brand is the cheapest, has more grass content and the most delicious brand of all. You could also earn extra income with our brand. The figures and prices stated here are all accurate. It was based on the price list of those different brands.
The good news is instead of buying our brand for Php39 per sachet, you could purchase it for only Php29.25 per sachet by simply becoming a dealer. You get 25% LIFETIME DISCOUNT and a business opportunity at the same time.
Selling Price per box (20 sachets): Php780
Dealer's Price: Php585
For your inquiries, orders or if you want to become a dealer of Healthy Habits just contact:
Jed: 09193970059 / 09261493939 / 09226068844
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