Block Ice Maker Mini Ice Plant Tube Ice Machine in Quezon City, National Capital Region for sale

Refrigerators, ovens etc.

Multi Purpose Ice Making Machine
(using Brine Immersion Technology)
Immersion Freezing is the FASTEST and MOST ECONOMICAL method of producing ice!
Models Available (capacity based on 24c room and water temperature):
A) 350 kgs/day, 780 watts - P160,000.00
B) 750 kgs/day, 1680 watts - P260,000.00
C) 900 kgs/day, 2640 watts - P300,000.00
D) 1000 kgs/day with block ice molds - P370,000.00
All models with FOAMED-IN-PLACE INSULATION, movable and ready to use (NO onsite installation needed), and uses common household [Single Phase] electricity 220V, 60Hz
Call or text to schedule and see DEMO.